School District of Milton owner’s rep Michael Huffman of Huffman Facility Development at Monday’s meeting provided the school board with an update on the approved referendum facilities projects.

Huffman gave an example of what reports will look like in the future and said probably the most important tool is the master project budget report.

“Cost control is job No. 1 for us and this tool is key to that,” he said. “We need to know every expense that will hit your referendum projects. We need to be aware of it, understand how that particular expense has influence on the overall budget. We have columns that we follow. We’ll build out the original budget based on what you’ve already established. We’ll do some mechanics like keeping track of current month’s payments and payments to date. In the middle of the page is a column called final projected cost. That’s really the key one for us as we look at this month to month. We look at every line item and we say what do we know about that line item this month that we didn’t know last month and how can we project the cost to complete for that particular line item.

“So when you are faced with making decisions along the way. — There will be many — You never do so without the full knowledge of budget implications. Not only are we saying here’s what you spent today but here’s what we project out to the end of the job for the cost to complete on all those line items.

“Often I will condense all the data in this report into a board report that gives you the high level on specific things: construction, design, soft development costs, and not necessarily bog you down with all this detail. But I wanted to show it to you just so you know it’s a tool where we are very, very focused on being accurate and, as I said, projecting where we think we’re going to be at the end of the job on those particular line items.”

Design meetings led by Plunkett Raysich Architects are taking place every other Thursday.

“The program influences a floor plan when you go to referendum,” Huffman continued. “Then you get to the design process. That becomes once again a fluid process. That program is set. You all have said what has to be achieved with the process. But it’s a time to look with fresh eyes, get more in-depth with various design disciplines beyond architecture and test again what the appropriate floor plan layout is.”

Huffman said plans have been made to tour pools including St. Augustine Preparatory School in Milwaukee and possibly a pool in Brookfield.

Scott Kramer of PRA described the referendum as being split into three projects:

• Four elementary school projects will be bid with construction in October.

• Middle school to be bid about second week in February 2020.

• High school to be bid about the second week in March 2020.

Staggered bidding allows bidders to not have to work projects at the same time and will hopefully mean lower pricing, Kramer said.

“All of the projects will be done by September of 2021,” Kramer said.

Elementary schools will be done by September 2020, he said.

Board approval

Kramer outlined three different phases of work:

• Schematic design — Setting in stone the footprint and square footage of the building.

“Right now we’re at that point for the elementary schools,” he said.

The board on Monday received plans with a schematic outline of specifications.

Kramer asked board members to review the plans then they will have an opportunity for questions and concerns on June 24.

“This has been produced in association with the administration, principals, Mike Huffman and his team, JP Cullen and we think we’ve got a really good plan for the four elementary schools.”

“We’re going to be asking for your approval to move into the next phase,” Kramer said.

• Design development — More detail. For instance, classrooms are outfitted with cabinetry and floorings.

• Construction documents – Getting the design development ready for bidding. Making sure all the systems are fully developed and coordinated.

The board will be asked to approve each phase.

Kramer said he hopes to give board members two weeks to review the documents.

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