Around 50 runners and walkers turned out Saturday July 13 for the Cambridge EMS Cannonball Run. This was the 27th year of the event, a fundraiser for the EMS department. The run/walk included a one-mile fun run, a 5K and 10K. Below are the results from the race:


Male 17 and Under

First place: Jonas Boshart (25:57)

Second place: Luke Rhomberg (33:52)

Female 17 and Under

First place: Anna Rhomberg (31:35)

Second place: Aurora Sullivan (32:55)

Female 18-29

First place: Megan Adams (27:13)

Second place: Courtney Kuehn (27:39)

Third place: Katie Twohig (28:47)

Male 30-39

First place: Colin Baker (20:08)

Second place: Austen Conrad (25:48)

Female 30-39

First place: Melissa Overhouse (45:01)

Second place: Megan Becker (45:03)

Male 40-49

First place: Dan Palmer (18:38)

Second place: Tom Rhomberg (21:53)

Third place: Mark Eriksson (25:14)

Fourth place: Bryan Sullivan (32:55)

Female 40-49

First place: Carrie Messinger (26:23)

Second place: Roberta Eriksson (26:56)

Third place: Karen Slinde-Lueth (32:53)

Fourth place: Heather Mace (55:29)

Male 50-59

First place: Chris Havey (25:20)

Second place: Todd Drager (25:20)

Third place: Jeffrey Boshart (26:39)

Fourth place: Jerry Adams (30:15)

Female 50-59

First place: Karen Havey (31:46)

Second place: Emily Rhomberg (36:10)

Third place: Joann Helgestad (37:04)

Fourth place: Pam Hopkins (46:03)

Fifth place: Jean Young (47:47)

Male 60-69

First place: Neal Frauenfelder (23:47)

Second place: Todd Touten (34:43)

Third place: Tracy Hopkins (46:02)

Female 60-69

First Place: Cindy Miles (33:07)

Second place: Margo Mace (55:29)

Male 70 and up

First place: Don Nettum (28:57)

Second place: John Schultz (39:10)


Male 17 and Under

First place: Benjamin Stricker (43:05)

Male 18-29

First place: Peter Dziewiontkoski (56:18)

Female 18-29

First place: Elizabeth Gottschalk (58:12)

Second place: Julia Pulokas (1:08:56)

Male 30-39

First place: Nicholas Pfundheller (48:47)

Female 30-39

First place: Lesley Chapin (1:02:19)

Second place: Dusty Rogers (1:06:07)

Third place: Megan Veldkamp (1:06:21)

Male 40-49

First place: Chris Beckman (1:03:32)

Second place: Brian Karstaedt (1:08:20)

Female 40-49

First place: Laura Stevens (54:41)

Second place: Maureen Mahr (55:07)

Male 50-59

First place: Jeffrey Tomasello (49:20)

Male 60-69

First place: Billy Maybeeth (1:00:00)

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