Parking and other trailhead amenities are finally being added at the entrance to CamRock County Park near downtown Cambridge.

Back in May of 2016, Dane County Parks Department proposed a parking lot and trailhead on Water Street in Cambridge, near Westside Park. Soon afterward, the Village of Cambridge approved the site plan.

Chris James, a senior landscape architect for the Dane County Land & Water Resources Department, told the village Plan Commission on Aug. 12 he expects the parking area to get roughed in and stone to be laid this fall and for it to be paved next year.

“For lack of a better excuse, we never got around to this project,” said James. “But we would like to reopen our interest in getting this done and we are aiming to start this fall.”

The original proposal included 15 parking spaces including one disabled stall, a kiosk, and a bike repair and bike wash station.

“It will definitely be a great addition to the park and the trail,” said James.

The kiosk would be a two-sided display with a park map, information, rules and trail pass sales.

The original proposal has been updated with one change. Capital Off Road Pathfinders, a local bicycling group, would like to tear down an existing garage on the site and build a new one that is more centered on the space. According to James, the current building is in “pretty poor shape.”

The garage would come down next year.

The rebuild of the garage building will need Village Board approval. Otherwise, no additional village approval is required, James said.

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