Dear editor,

Cambridge is a great community with terrific schools, talented teachers, devoted administrators, passionate volunteers and wonderful students. It’s the primary reason why my family chose Cambridge to be our home when we moved here in 2010 — and it’s also the reason we are asking our community to vote YES on election day.

On Nov. 8, 2016 voters will be asked to approve a recurring operating referendum for the Cambridge School District. This funding request effectively replaces and extends the current referendum authority that ends at the end of this school year and is needed to pay for ongoing operating costs, educational programs and services. Although the incremental impact on taxpayers is small compared to the value it provides, public school funding is a complex topic and it’s important that voters are informed on the dynamics that make this referendum necessary.

Voters can take heart in knowing that the portion of their taxes related to this referendum stays right here in Cambridge. They can be proud that their investments in the 2012 referendum have shown tangible, measurable results. And they can be secure in the knowledge that their choice to support the referendum not only helps preserve the value of their own property, but will preserve and maintain home values throughout the community for years to come.

Former House of Representatives Speaker Tip O’Neill was famous for his saying “All Politics Is Local.” That adage also applies to school funding, as local school communities today must take on a much more active role in determining the level of funding their school district can devote towards education. Whatever your political affiliation, when it comes to investing in local schools we are strongly united. But it’s a complex topic and not something to be taken for granted. So visit or attend the upcoming listening session on Oct. 26 (7 p.m. at Cambridge High School) to learn more.

Help preserve the quality of our schools by voting YES on Nov. 8.

Sean and Kerry Marren


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