I thought this column would be a no-brainer: tell of kindnesses that have done to and for me, say thank you again and give my recipe that I have already chosen. Things don’t work that way for me. I have already deleted the column two times: too wordy, no direction, subjects all over the place. I hate when that happens.

I started again by sitting at my desk watching the snow fall. Finally, after a week of promises by the meteorologists snow was falling (and blowing.)

It didn’t last long enough. There were several inches, white and beautiful, but not enough. Disappointed, the shades came down.

I went to bed trying to think of a column story, as I always do.

The next morning, back to the desk with black coffee. I stared in the cup as if the words were floating on top.

I was on my own. No ideas. Then I heard an engine. It sounded like a snowmobile. I pulled up the shades. There was a man snow-blowing the driveway! He turned to go the other way. Oh, my gosh.

My neighbor was clearing the drive and the car.

I got his attention, blew a kiss and mouthed “Thank you so much!” I watched a bit and then let him finish-being kinder than necessary.

I remembered several summers that he finished mowing our yard when our lawn mower broke down, and several other things that made his kindness more than necessary.

All he got from me was a sincere thank you. I hope that is enough. I don’t bake. Thank you, my kind neighbor.

I used to serve pot roast and veggies after a snowmobile poker run. Most men go for the meal that fills the belly and reminds them of Mom’s cooking. Chuck roast is the best beef cut for a roast. It’s marbled and doesn’t dry out. It used to be a cheap cut-no more.

Chuck Roast and Veggies

Ingredients: a 3.5-5 pound chuck, carrots, potatoes of your choice (I used small red, unpeeled), 3 large onions, peeled degrees and quartered, water, oil, 2 t flour, salt and pepper to taste.

Directions: heat oven to 350, oil pan, put on high and brown roast. When browned, put in roaster uncovered, and bake for 30 minutes. Meanwhile add 1 cup water to frying pan and scrape pan. After 30 minutes, remove roast and slice slightly on diagonal against the grain. Put back in roaster, put veggies around meat, salt and pepper and pour drippings over meat and veggies. Cover roaster and bake for 1 1/2 hours. Check veggies for doneness, turn temp to 250 until ready o serve. Serve with hard crust bread. Enjoy.

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