I have a friend who is far away.

It’s not uncommon, this time of year, to miss far-away people.

So, we send them care packages full of their favorite sweets and warm things – cookies, socks, little fleece blankets. We do our best to pack a bit of ourselves into the box, trying to bring us closer if not geographically, in spirit.

The best care packages I recall were shipped to my college dorm room when Christmas intersected with exams. I remember brownies. Lots of brownies. And handwritten notes.

I’ve been thinking, though, how one-sided we typically approach sending a care package. You mail it and the recipient calls or texts later to say thank you, but that’s the end of the interaction. You don’t share the brownies and socks together.

My friend and I used to regularly laugh over good coffee. It’s been awhile since that happened face to face.

Recently, I splurged on a large bag of peppermint-flavored coffee beans. I’m the only coffee drinker in my household so it’s going to take a while to sip through them.

About the same time, during a chat with this friend, a light went off.

This week, I dropped some of those coffee beans into the mail, with the promise that when they arrive at their destination, we’ll both make a pot and then chat and sip from our respective dots on the globe.

Sometimes, little ideas like that, that pop up organically, are worth sharing.

We’re both looking forward to our sip and chat.

Hug your friends when they’re close. Hug them harder when they’re far away. Bridging the divide just takes a little creative effort, in our case, a Ziploc of coffee and a postage stamp.

Happy holidays.

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