The Cambridge Foundation has announced its 2019 annual grants.

In all, the foundation awarded $209,315 to 14 organizations.

Among the funded projects are the Village of Cambridge’s remodeling of the Amundson Community Center and the purchase of a new Cambridge-area fire truck.

The individual grants are:

  • Cambridge Community Activities Program: $3,400 for senior lunches, $1,015 for flotation devices, $5,000 for the Cambridge Youth Center makeover and $1,250 for a free snack program;
  • Village of Cambridge: $50,000 for construction of a lean-to, tables and community center remodeling;
  • Cambridge Community Fire Commission: $27,000 and $54,000 granted in a previous year, for $81,000 total, toward a new fire truck;
  • Cambridge Historic School Foundation: $10,000 for tables, chairs, a digital reader and a scanner;
  • Lake Ripley Park: $15,000 for annual operations and $35,000 for capital improvements to the park;
  • Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce: $5,000 for a new computer and website;
  • Cambridge Arts Council: $5,000 for a sculpture, tent, bleachers and iron artists for Midwest Fire Fest;
  • Cambridge Community Library: $5,000 for smartboards and cameras;
  • Cambridge Community School District: $10,000 for a laser engraver/cutter;
  • CamRock Bike Park: $5,000 for improvements at the bike park;
  • Cambridge-Deerfield Players Theater: $5,000 for lighting and sound equipment;
  • Cambridge Area Resource Team (CART): $10,000 for client assistance and community outreach;
  • Friends of Cam-Rock Park: $1,650 for kiosk and tree removal;
  • Cambridge Foundation: $15,000 for annual operating expenses.

The foundation has also given out several other grants in 2019, including: $530 to CAPCare for bicycles and helmets; $500 to Scout Troop 7041 for start-up supplies; and $1,000 for Women Who Care, for its efforts to promote the health and well-being of local youth.

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