Now that winter is in full swing, here’s a chance to get your blood pumping with a racquet sport that’s on the rise in Deerfield, and across the country.

Pickleball is just as interesting as its name. It’s a racquet sport, with similarities to tennis, racquetball and badminton. It’s played on a short lined court with a net, racquets and a wiffle ball.

If you ask Jesi Haak, Deerfield pickleball enthusiast, she’ll tell you it’s a game for anyone of any age.

Forehand, backhand, net-play and agility are all skills you learn from the sport, Haak said. It’s great for retired folks, kids and everyone in between.

Pickleball has a large and ever-growing following in Deerfield.

Bridges to the Community runs an indoor pickleball league in the winter, which Haak is the coordinator of. The league is in its second year.

Deerfield also has two outdoor pickleball courts, at Savannah and Community parks for spring, summer and fall play. Community members organize games together on social media.

The Deerfield schools even teach pickleball, in summer school and in gym classes, Haak said. It’s growing in popularity and participation every year.

For a chance to get your heart pumping, connect with neighbors and learn a new game, try pickleball.

You can still join the Bridges indoor league, which started Jan. 19. Contact Haak at for more info.

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