The girls now keep the tradition going. Kelly is the hostess. She makes the turkey, her signature taco chip dip and corn pudding.

Tracy is the chief baker and bottle washer and more. Deb mashes those potatoes until the lumps give up, makes my favorite 7-layer salad and the best cranberry and Mandarin orange sauce you have ever had. I make the gravy just like Gram used to.

Sounds like a traditional Thanksgiving — until a mishap or two made the day more interesting.

The roaster had more than enough drippings to make the yummy gravy we are used to. I forgot to bring flour (Kelly uses almond flour). Whoops. Now what? She found some in a freezer bag in the canister.

I made the roux, always stirring until the gravy thickened. But it wasn’t thickening. Maybe not enough roux for the drippings. I made more roux-three times. That gravy NEVER thickened! My gravy-making reputation was at stake. Maybe that wasn’t flour.

Kelly was carving the turkey and pulling it apart. She said this turkey only has a neck, no giblets. Kel — maybe they’re in the little bag in the cavity of the turkey. Yup — got baked in the bag.

Tracy always makes several desserts. Always a birthday cake for Kelly. It was more important because Thanksgiving was also her real birthday date. She took out her mixer to whip the frosting — she forgot the beaters. We took turns whipping with a whisk.

There were a few insignificant boo-boos but nothing to put a damper on our day. We were together. So what if the giblets were baked in a bag, the frosting runny, and the gravy just drippings.

It was a wonderful family day.

Leftovers are the rule from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. A favorite is to dump all leftovers, including the cranberry sauce in a crockpot. Add broth for soup or leave thick for turkey goulash.

This is what we had Saturday.

Turkey and Zucchini Noodles

Ingredients: Cubed or shredded turkey, gravy or broth, chopped mushrooms, onion, celery, julienne carrots, etc. Most important-fine zucchini noodles. Do you have a spiralizer?

Directions: saute all veggies except zucchini noodles, mix all with turkey except zucchini, mix in gravy or broth, spoon turkey mixture on top of raw noodles. Top with shredded cheese (your choice) or canned onions.


P.S. And belated Happy Birthday to my middle daughter. XO

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