Downtown Cambridge may receive a new splash of color this year, with a possible mural in the works.

Mike Rumpf, Cambridge Foundation president and owner of a law practice on Main Street, owns a building at 201 W. North St.

The building has had many lives. Most recently, it housed the Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent offices. Rumpf purchased the building in 2018.

Rumpf hopes to create a mural on the building’s exterior walls. He said he has offered the opportunity to paint the building to the Cambridge School District’s art department.

“The Cambridge Art Department, teachers and students, have wonderful talent, and why not extend the classroom to the community?” Rumpf said.

“I saw some buildings painted in other communities and said ‘Why not Cambridge? Why not my building?’”

“I don’t see any murals in town, so let’s do a mural,” he added.

Rumpf said he’s already preparing for the building’s transformation, by painting two sides of its exterior light blue.

“The murals will add just a different canvas to the art community,” Rumpf said.

Members of the school district’s art departments say they’re still in the early planning stages, and have their sights set on the 2019-20 school year for mural progress.

Rumpf isn’t particular about what the painting will depict, he said he wants to leave the concept and design to the artists.

A piece of public art like this, Rumpf says, is valuable because it gives local students ownership of their village, and unites the community. “I think it’s important to incorporate your children in your school system in your community,” Rumpf said. “You’ve got to invest in your kids.”

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