Cambridge High School held its 2019 Academic Awards Program for graduating seniors on June 3, at the high school. Recipients of scholarships and other honors included:



Blake Gieck


Margaret Lacke


Nicole Glesinger


Mitchell Krueger

Business Education

Cameron Muth


Logan Curtis

Foreign Language

Nicole Glesinger

Social Studies

Kira Browne

Language Arts

Maia Kurr

Technology & Engineering

Jacob Nottestad


1st and 2nd Ranked Students

Kira Browne,1st

Maia Kurr, 2nd

Wis. Academic Excellence

Kira Browne

Wis. Technical Excellence

Johnathon Buth

Academic Plaques

Kira Browne, Logan Curtis, Nicole Glesinger, Kelsey Hibbard, Laura Kriedeman, Maia Kurr, Margaret Lacke, Cameron Muth, Elizabeth Niesen, Lilly Pollasky, Samuel Van Valin, Taylor Wendricks

President’s Outstanding Academic Excellence

Matthew Andersen, Kira Browne, Roxanne, Belovarac, Logan Curtis, Bailey Furseth, Blake Gieck, Nicole Glesinger, Reid Gowan, Kelsey Hibbard, Hannah Hoffmann, Leah Holden, Zoë Jach, Mia Knops, Laura Kriedeman, Mitchell Krueger, Maia Kurr, Margaret Lacke, Cameron Muth, Glenna Neuman, Elizabeth Niesen, Riley Olson, Lilly Pollasky, Ethan Raby, Emma Schmid, Samuel Van Valin, Taylor Wendricks, Robin Witt

WIAA Scholar Athlete

Logan Curtis, Cameron Muth

Co-Op Program

Hailey Alder, Angela Chiang, Bethsaida Cortes, Kaden Grieser, Dawson Harrison, Sammuel Safer

Semper Fidelis

Reid Gowan

National Honor Society

Kira Browne, Logan Curtis, Nicole Glesinger, Hannah Hoffmann, Leah Holden, Mia Knops, Laura Kriedeman, Mitchell Krueger, Maia Kurr, Margaret Lacke, Cameron Muth, Glenna Neuman, Elizabeth Niesen, Lilly Pollasky, Emma Schmid, Taylor Wendricks, Robin Witt. 

R.O.T.C./Michigan Tech

Mitchell Krueger


Adas Family

Lyon Chen


Laura Kriedeman

Borchardt Family

Kira Browne, Maggie Lacke

Cambridge Administrative

Maia Kurr

Cambridge Area Lions

Blake Gieck, Samuel Van Valin

Cambridge Area Masons.

Reid Gowan


Mia Knops

Cambridge Athletic Boosters

Riley Olson, Robin Witt

Cambridge Education Association (CEA)

Matthew Andersen, Reid Gowan, Glenna Neuman

CEA/Clare Quale Memorial

Margaret Lacke

Cambridge FFA Alumni

Blake Gieck

Cambridge Foundation

Kira Browne, Elizabeth Niesen, Taylor Wendricks

CHS Alumni

Jenna Christensen, Riley Olson

CHS Leadership/Service

Kira Browne, Maia Kurr

Cambridge Music Boosters

John Phillip Sousa

Lillian Coutts

National School Choral

Kira Browne

Carl Fossum Sr.

Matthew Andersen

Carpenter-Lounds Memorial

Maia Kurr

Dale Breitlow Family

Margaret Lacke

Delos “Dee” Hillesheim Memorial

Cameron Muth

Dozer 52

Camden Eagan, Denver Evans, Bailey Furseth, Blake Gieck, Luke Hellmich, Rudy Hommen, Carter Joyce, Riley Olson

Edward D. Smithback Memorial

Megan Duffy

Erik Biermeier Memorial

Matthew Andersen

George R. Nikolay Memorial

Maia Kurr

Hall of Honor/CommunityService

Jenna Christensen, Leah Holden

Harvey Melster Memorial

Logan Curtis

Hometown Bank

Leah Holden, Riley Olson, Robin Witt

Hoops Club

Hannah Hoffmann, Cameron Muth

James & Helen Knoblauch Memorial

Taylor Wendricks

Jean Gunderman Gunnelson Memorial

Laura Kriedeman

Jody Melton-Volenberg Memorial

Zoë Jach

Mary Hommen Memorial

Denver Evans, Bailey Furseth, Leah Holden

Mike Bamlett/Cambridge Fire Dept.

Hannah Hoffmann

Patrick Adas Memorial

Logan Curtis

Philip & Paula Vasby Family

Hannah Hoffmann

PleasanTime Child Care

.Jenna Christensen

Red Cross

Kira Browne, Logan Curtis, Maia Kurr, Margaret Lacke, Glenna Neuman

Ronald Strohbusch Memorial

Nicole Glesinger

Rumpf Family

Logan Curtis, Maggie Lacke

UW Platteville/CHS Community

Blake Gieck

Victor R. Johnson Memorial

Kelsey Hibbard, Lilly Pollasky

Wrestling Club

Matthew Andersen


Awards and/or scholarships from post-secondary school, organization or the military:

Denver Evans, Maia Kurr, Nicole Glesinger, Margaret Lacke, Kelsey Hibbard, Glenna Neuman, Hannah Hoffmann, Robin Witt, Mitchell Krueger.

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You forgot my son's name for recognition for enlisting in the Marines. First student from Cambridge in a long time to enlist in the Marines.

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