The bus company that services Cambridge and Deerfield is now providing buses for the Johnson Creek school district.

GO Riteway of Milwaukee contracted with the Cambridge and Deerfield districts for transportation services beginning in 2018. The company has an office off of U.S. Highway 18 in Cambridge, at 501 Verburg St.

Jim Burrell, the operations manager at the Cambridge office, said the company was working with Johnson Creek at the end of the 2018-19 school year “to help them with some driver shortage situations.” The district officially signed with GO Riteway this summer.

Adding Johnson Creek to the mix won’t change the service given to Cambridge and Deerfield, Burrell said.

The buses used to transport Johnson Creek students will stay in Johnson Creek at an “offsite staging area” for vehicles, Burrell said.

Drivers are picking up and dropping off buses used for Johnson Creek at that site each day. They won’t arrive or depart from the Cambridge office.

“It shouldn’t change the traffic at all, we’re a small location anyways. We don’t have a lot of in-and-out traffic,” Burrell said.

There isn’t too much bus overlap between districts, Burrell said.

Each district has assigned buses from the GO Riteway fleet, but these can be swapped, depending on the school’s schedules and extracurriculars. Certain buses, like the buses used in Cambridge’s seat belt pilot program, won’t usually be shared.

The office in Cambridge does act as a dispatch center for all three districts to schedule buses and drivers.

Staffing buses with drivers is the biggest issue the bus companies face. Burrell said GO Riteway is always hiring. However, “we’ve been self-sufficient here,” for about two years, Burrell said.

The company is expanding to two or three new school districts per year, Burrell said. GO Riteway was founded in 1957 in Germantown, Wis., and also offers airport shuttles, executive vehicles, and coach buses as well as school buses.

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