Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. Christmas and Thanksgiving top the list but Halloween is an easy, comfortable. Holiday-treats, no big meals to make unless someone has a rip-roarin’ fun party.

That reminds me of a fun party (for grown-ups) my husband and I attended.

It was a costume party. Ted Sr. and I won. Up to that point, we had never won anything on any level. So winning a big bottle of tequila was a win to remember. (Limes and salt came with the prize.)

The reason we won is because we dressed up as each other: me in Ted’s suit, tie, shirt and shoes, he in an old-fashioned bathing suit, water shoes, brown wig and “perfect” make-up. No one noticed until we came clean.

It was a fun party. But I think the fun of Halloween is for the kids. When the kids were young, and trick-or-treaters came to our house, they would get an extra treat if they would bob for apples we had by the front door.

When they got older we no longer went with them through the subdivision to trick-or-treat. It was years later we learned they and their friends pulled a trick or two. They TP’d the trees in the subdivision. (And I thought the Cambridge high school seniors invented that trick.)

I recently got precious videos of my great-grandchildren who live in Idaho. Hadley and Reed were dressed in their costumes. This, to me, is what Halloween is all about.

Kids love the Halloween treats. I hope we will make some homemade.

There is a whole week before Halloween to make holiday desserts. Especially the easy but delicious.

Witches’ Hats

Ingredients: 6 2-ounce squares melting chocolate, 12 sugar cones, 12 large chocolate-covered marshmallow sandwich pies, (sometimes called moon pies or whoopee pies), colored icing or candies.

Directions: melt chocolate in a 2-cup glass measuring cup in micro 2 minutes on high and stir every 30 seconds, dip cones tilting the cup to coat, place pointy end up on top of the whoopee pie. Pipe icing around where pie and cone meet, push candies in the icing to make the hatband. Enjoy, Happy Halloween!

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