The Cambridge Wellness Collaborative has announced that the School District of Cambridge and the Cambridge Community Activities Program (CAP) have completed training to make their customer-service approach dementia-friendly.

The Wellness Collaborative began working with Joy Schmidt, a dementia care specialist from the Dane County Aging & Disability Resource Center, in early September with the goal of supporting local businesses and organizations in becoming dementia-friendly.

This was one of the Wellness Collaborative’s 2019-2020 goals, to provide quarterly training to anyone who would like to participate.

“The school district takes pride in ensuring our facilities are open to the public as we have many community members living with dementia. It is our goal to be able to welcome them into our facilities and support their caregivers, as well,” Cambridge Superintendent Bernie Nikolay said.

Schmidt said Cambridge is the first school district in Dane County to reach this accomplishment.

The School District of Cambridge and CAP plan to maintain their dementia-friendly status with annual trainings for staff as well as the training becoming a part of the new-hire process.

“We serve the entire community and feel it is very important for us to be able to continually provide outstanding customer service to those living with dementia,” said CAP Director Lesli Rumpf.

The School District of Cambridge and CAP will be celebrating this accomplishment on Tuesday, April 23 at 9:30 am. The public is invited to join in the event at Cambridge High School, 403 Blue Jay Way in Cambridge. Light refreshments will be served.

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