Some of the longest minutes, I recall as the one-time parent of preschoolers, were the shoe-tying minutes.

They couldn’t run until both shoes were tied. Because they’d trip. And bloody something. And then you’d spend even longer minutes in the waiting room at Urgent Care.

You couldn’t tie them yourself. Because then you’d be doing it when your child was 17.

So, you waited it out. And waited.

It’s been a long shoe-tying winter and spring at the Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent.

In January, as our office in Cambridge prepared to shut down after more than a century in that downtown, we promised we’d hold weekly office hours at local libraries and coffeehouses. So community members could connect face-to-face with us to drop of items like anniversary announcements, and to talk with our staff.

If you’ve been reading the paper these past five months you know we’ve been out in the community as always, covering schools and meetings and other happenings.

But the promise of posted office hours in Cambridge and Deerfield had to be regretfully set aside while we settled into a new routine and covered the frenzy that is the end of a school year.

Parents of older children know, based on experience with milestones like shoe-tying, that things always take longer than hoped.

These past few months, you had to wait us out while we re-tied our shoeslaces.

Now, we are finally ready to run.

This Friday, June 28, Associate Editor Madeline Westberg and I will be at Kindfolk Coffee Co. in Cambridge from 8 to 9:30 a.m.

We missed the bottomless mimosas at Kindfolk’s second anniversary party last weekend; we’ll be wishing owner Chris Castrova and his staff a belated congratulations and enjoying their great coffee.

Say hello. Come and chat with us about local issues. Bring us your anniversary photos. Tell us what you’d like to see in the paper.

In the coming weeks, we’ll rotate around to other coffeeshops and libraries in Cambridge and Deerfield, and if the forecast allows, might even set up in a local park. Our community office hours schedule will be published each week in the print editions of the newspaper and on our website.

A reminder that our long-time office phone number, (608) 423-3213, still works. Many people have asked about that.

Phone calls placed to that number ring in our Lake Mills office and on my office cell phone, so you can always find us.

Our emails haven’t changed, either. You can find those in the staff box printed each week here on the Opinion Page. My office cell phone number is also in the staff box, and it takes voicemail and texts. It hasn’t changed.

Thanks for your patience the first half of this year, as we re-tied our shoelaces.

For waiting us out as we got ready to run.

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