Effective Monday, March 23, DeForest’s Village Hall will be closed “for the safety our our staff and community” until further notice. 

The Village posted a notice on it’s website, stating, “If necessary, on-site staff will assist with absentee voting and voter registration only."

Windsor Village Hall is conducting business in a similar manner, trying to eliminate face-to-face contact.

Lodi City Hall is open, but mayor Jim Ness is asking all residents to refrain from entering the building for all non-essential, in-person business (i.e. dog licensing, license renewals, etc.). Residents are encouraged to call City Hall or visit the website.

Lodi Town Hall will only provide election services. All other business shall be conducted in other forms.

Dane Village Hall remains open, but it is urging residents to limit interaction with the Village Clerk’s Office.

Poynette Village Hall also remains opens as of Monday, March 23, but all face-to-face and in-person visits to the government buildings are highly discouraged. “We are looking to limit the potential exposure to protect staff and the general public. This will also help us maintain our ability to continue providing essential services,” the village stated on its website.

Arlington Village Hall is closed to walk-ins. Absentee voting can be done curbside, if necessary.

As of Monday, March 23, the elections within all local cities, towns and villages remain as scheduled. 

Here is a list of contacts for government buildings for more information on each community and how it’s handling business during the COVID-19 outbreak;

City of Lodi: Call 608-592-3247 or visit www.cityoflodi.us

Town of Dane: Visit www.townofdane.org

Town of Lodi: www.tn.lodi.wi.gov

Windsor Village Hall: Call 608-888-0066 or visit www.windsorwi.gov

Village of Arlington: Call 608-635-2474 or visit www.arlingtonwi.com

Village of Dane: Call 608-849-5422 or visit www.villageofdane.org

Village of DeForest: Call 608-846-6751 for more assistance or visit www.vi.deforest.wi.us/covid19 for a full list of service updates.

Village of Poynette: Call 608-635-2122 or visit www.poynette-wi.gov

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