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Looking to attract more visitors, the Lake Windsor Country Club has improved its patio area, adding games, lights, a fire pit and other attractions. A dueling pianos event is slated for June 29 on the patio, and plans are in motion for a Hawaiian pig roast luau for late August, as the country club looks to bring more visitors to the space with music and other attractions.

Those looking for a new place to hang out might want to consider the patio at the Lake Windsor Country Club.

“It’s a great asset,” said Katie Bohnert, the country club’s event and sales coordinator. “There are not too many like it around. It’s a nice space to be outside.”

In the greater scheme of things, Bohnert thinks about having more places in the DeForest and Windsor area for all residents and visitors to get away to and have fun. Outdoor spaces are limited. She’s hoping to attract more people to the golf course, and the patio could be a big draw.

“We want to make it more inviting,” said Bohnert.

To make the space more appealing, lights were added about a year ago. The gazebo, where weddings often take place, also has them. New games are available near the patio, including a big Jenga set-up and everything necessary for bean bag toss. Tiki torches also add to the ambiance, along with a fire pit. There’s a putting green close by, as well, with fluorescent balls and putters for kids and adults to use, and the plan is to install a par-3 course next year that will allow the junior program to grow.

An effort to bring events to the patio area has also been started. On June 29, dueling pianos will provide entertainment, and at the end of August, a Hawaiian luau pig roast will take place. Bohnert said they are hoping for crowds of 200 people for the events. There will be others, too.

“We want to do a handful of these a year,” said Bohnert, who is also hoping to bring musical acts to the patio area.

Bohnert said people assume Lake Windsor is a private country club. She added that it’s also not very visible. A sign on Hwy. CV was installed to draw more people in, along with an all-day happy hour and daily specials.

Bohnert said this winter the country club did a murder-mystery event, noting that it received 250 RSVPs. She said that was “really an eye-opener” and got her thinking about other possibilities.

The country club has been undergoing some renovations, with major work done to the downstairs area and the pro shop last year. Next up, the upstairs is due for a makeover. With the facility’s reputation as a prime space for weddings, that area is usually booked, so it’s tough to schedule the work, said Bohnert.

There was a full remodel on the outside about 15 years ago. The golf course itself has undergone some improvements on the first nine holes with new greens, tee areas, drainage and cart paths. Still, Bohnert said the patio was “not living up to its potential.” There were no high cocktail tables, for instance. No games either. While restaurant goers would take their fish fry dinners out on the patio, Bohnert thinks the space should be utilized more.

Lake Windsor Country Club has been around since 1964. It is open weekdays. On weekends, the place is usually booked for events and is not open for the public. However, on Father’s Day, it will be open. “It’s a really big golf day,” said Bohnert.

She’s also hoping the country club gets a boost during DeForest’s annual 4th of July celebration.

While weddings take prominence at the country club, it also hosts other events, such as class reunions, graduation parties, retirement parties and corporate meetings. The Chamber of Commerce golf outing, slated for June 13, will take place there.

“We don’t want to be known only for weddings or golf,” said Bohnert. “We want families to come for dinner.”

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