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Fleet Farm was awarded the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award recently by Focus on Energy. Tim Giesen, Fleet Farm Store Facilities Service Coordinator and Fleet Farm Store Services Manager Dennis Paisar are pictured here. Work at the new store in DeForest was included in the honor.

The Wisconsin-based retail chain Fleet Farm was recently honored with one of Focus on Energy’s 2019 Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards, which recognize businesses and other groups that have made a commitment to reducing energy waste.

“It’s important for us to have an efficient operation. And with [Focus on Energy’s] help, with the projects we’ve done, they’ve helped us achieve that,” said Fleet Farm Store Facilities Service Coordinator Tim Geisen after accepting the award. “Long-term, that helps us as a company … and with the money saved, we can put that toward other projects and goals we have.”

Fleet Farm is a full-service provider of dependable products for life, work, home, farm and outdoor recreation. The company says working on projects with Focus On Energy serves two purposes: creating a bright, comfortable shopping environment for its customers and saving energy and money.

Energy savings at the DeForest location alone will reach more than 15-million kilowatt hours of electricity over the life of the equipment.

One would have to burn more than 11-million pounds of coal to create that much electricity. Fleet Farm will also save nearly $1.7 million in energy costs over the life of the equipment in the Eau Claire store, compared to baseline lights and HVAC.

The goal of creating an inviting space for all those varied customers led the company, starting in 2017, to work with Focus on Energy on upgrades to energy-efficient LED lighting at all of its 18 existing Wisconsin stores.

Fleet Farm’s new distribution center, which opened in Chippewa Falls in 2018, was built with LED lighting and energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.

The four new retail stores the company opened in 2018 – in DeForest, Delavan, Eau Claire and Oconomowoc – also included energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting equipment.

Fleet Farm was presented with a Legislative Citation recognizing the company’s contribution and positive impact on the communities it serves.

“They’re just very good-hearted, kind people,” said Focus on Energy’s Darin Tappy, who worked on the energy efficiency projects with Giesen and others at Fleet Farm. “Brightening up the store for the customers, making those products pop on the shelf and being able to save energy at the same time was… important to them.”

Focus on Energy partners with 107 Wisconsin utilities, and customers of those utilities are eligible for the energy expertise and financial incentives Focus on Energy provides.

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