A public hearing on the Village of Windsor’s revitalization and redevelopment plans for the village’s downtown area on Windsor Road is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 11.

It will be held at 5 p.m. at the village municipal building at 4084 Mueller Road, with possible adoption after the public hearing. 

Village President Bob Wipperfurth said at the village board meeting Thursday, Feb. 6, that the area has been neglected for a long time.

“We think we can do better and make the area more livable,” said Wipperfurth.

Wipperfurth added that the planned improvements should also increase property values in the area.

“If we don’t do anything, they’ll decline,” said Wipperfurth.

Planning studies for the project go back to 2016. Two citizens attended Thursday’s meeting and asked about the plans. They were particularly concerned about the addition of sidewalk near their residence.

Jamie Rybarczyk, the village’s deputy administrator/director of economic development, provided an overview of the redevelopment plan, also touching on parcel acquisition, at Thursday’s meeting. The project area includes parcels adjoining Windsor Road and Depot Street. For Windsor Road parcels, it stretches from a boundary of Sunset Meadow Drive/Windsor Ridge Lane to the east to Depot Street to the west. For Depot Street parcels, the boundaries are Third Street to the north and Windsor Road to the south.

The village wants to bring additional community facilities to the area, including a new police station going into a village-owned property on Depot Street near Second Street.

Another part of the redevelopment plan involves the expansion of Fireman’s Park in Windsor, as the village looks to increase parking in the area, especially for local businesses.

Rybarczyk said property owners in the area were looking to sell to the village. Windsor’s property acquisitions have allowed the village to fulfill plans to improve the area.

A draft of the Windsor Crossroads Redevelopment Plan, as it is being called, was established Dec. 10. It is available for viewing on the village's website.

Among the implementation strategies are road improvements to Windsor Road. Grant money will help with the cost. Wipperfurth explained that Windsor used to implement special assessments to have taxpayers help pay for such projects, but that it no longer does that.

The village is not looking to widen Windsor Road. It will receive new surfacing, and new sidewalk and curb and gutter.

Wipperfurth said the redevelopment plans will provide new opportunities to attract businesses and create new housing in that area. He also said village officials want engage the public on the matter. That’s why it’s been put back on village board meeting agendas.

“We know we don’t have all the answers,” said Wipperfurth, who added he’s heard from many residents who are excited about the redevelopment plans.

Some concerns were expressed regarding the connectivity of bike and walking trails. Trustee Bruce Stravinski offered a reminder that when the bridge that goes over the Yahara River is replaced in 2022, bike paths on the Windsor side will be widened and extend to a nearby parking lot.

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Joe Sands

I can't wait until the eminent domain and condemnation hearings start. Progress at the barrel of a gun.

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