Paradise Paws Camp & Resort, a doggie day care business, is poised to open up shop in the Village of Windsor.

At the village board meeting Thursday, April 4, trustees unanimously approved a conditional use permit for the proposed operation and granted a request for a rezone for the property from agricultural to commercial.

“I like the layout,” said Trustee Dan Madelung. “I’d be interested in maybe bringing my dogs there.”

The village’s Plan Commission had earlier approved revised plans for the business, which included measures to prevent dogs from digging and escaping the facility and expand the maximum number of dogs from 100 to 150 that could be housed there.

The planned location for Paradise Paws Camp & Resort is at the northwest corner of Pederson Crossing Boulevard and Reardon Road.

According to Deputy Administrator/Director of Economic Development Jamie Rybarczyk, the Plan Commission didn’t debate the increased number of dogs. Village staff had recommended the business increase its parking from 10 stalls to 25 and the addition of a stop sign for exiting out onto Pederson Crossing Boulevard.

One question that was debated was whether the village should stipulate how many times all solid waste should be picked up from the grounds of the business. Some thought was given to putting the official number at twice a week at minimum.

Village President Bob Wipperfurth thought the provision was a good idea. “It would show to the neighborhood that you’re doing the right thing.”

The owner, Karen Schultz, gave assurances that animal waste would be picked up often. Schultz said they have a professional service that works to prevent contamination and does pickups.

“I have a nose that works well,” said Schultz. “Definitely, if the weather gets to 100 degrees, I may need to get it picked up more than twice a week.”

Rybarczyk said the village’s nuisance ordinance could be invoked if there are problems with waste removal.

Wood fencing would be installed on the north and south sides of the property. A berm on the west side that negated the need for wood fencing there. Chain-link fencing would fill in the rest.

In response to questions about zoning, Rybarczyk said that if Paradise Paws left the site, the zoning would remain commercial.

There will be dog doors that will allow the animals to transition to the outside area of the property. Village officials emphasized the need for dogs to be supervised outdoors.

Trustee Bruce Stravinski liked the plans and commended the Plan Commission for doing a good job with the matter. Wipperfurth described the Plan Commission’s review as “extensive.”

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