An update on planned improvements to County Hwy. DM and Clinton Road was presented Thursday, Oct. 17, to the Windsor Village Board.

Some alterations have been made, as the consulting engineers of Baxter & Woodman, of Madison, work to finalize drainage, curb and gutter, sidewalk and parking issues.

There will be fewer ditches than originally planned.

“We’re reducing ditches and adding a little more curb and gutter,” said Village Engineer Jerry Groth, of Baxter & Woodman.

Groth said initial designs for the rural road projects for both Hwy. DM and Clinton Road three years ago called for ditches on both sides of the roads. That thinking has changed.

Groth said, “Where there are ditches now, they will remain. Where there is not a ditch, there won’t be a ditch.”

In those areas where a ditch is not present, curb and gutter will go in. The plan also provides for sidewalk on the north side of DM and on the south side of DM from the park to the railroad tracks. No sidewalk is planned for Clinton Road.

The village and Dane County signed an agreement for the design, construction and maintenance of County Hwy. DM from Morrisonville Road to 100 feet southwest of the Yahara River Bridge on the northeast side of Morrisonville. The project, along with the previously bid Clinton Road work, will be bid this winter.

In a memo to the village’s public works committee, Groth wrote, “While ditches are desirable for short term storage of runoff and water quality improvements, a switch to fewer ditches on DM is warranted.” Replacing open ditches with curb and gutter and partial storm water sewer is preferable, according to Groth’s memo. It will allow more space for sidewalk and parking.

One of the biggest problems the work will deal with is storm water drainage in Morrisonville, which the memo says has “historically been an issue.” Groth wrote in his memo that what complicates the issue is that there is not much of a drop in elevation from DM to the Yahara River.

Planners chose to keep the two main drainage pathways to the river from DM. Groth wrote, “These generally occur at the east end of the park and midway between Johnson and East Street.”

Planned improvements will aid in moving water away from homes and roadways, according to Groth.

Another key provision: maintenance of the culvert crossing DM on the west side of the intersection of Morrisonville and Ramsey roads. A meeting with the Town of Vienna resulted in an agreement for the town to help with snow plowing and ditch maintenance in the winter and spring along Ramsey Road to improve drainage.

With the DM and Clinton Road projects, the village will clean out the existing ditch behind 4718 DM. That is expected to improve the flow from DM to Ramsey Road and the ditch on the east side of Ramsey Road to the Yahara River.

Officials also want to discuss with the owner of the property behind 4718 DM the possibility of straightening the ditch, which is said to zig-zag its way to Ramsey Road and then to the river.

Groth compared it to the Amazon jungle.

“That’s what happens in Morrisonville,” said Groth. “The water almost seems to run in circles before it gets anywhere.”

Portage Road speed limit

A reduction in the speed limit along a portion of Portage Road in the Windsor Hills area will be brought back to the village board for its Nov. 7 meeting as an ordinance change.

The village is looking at establishing a 35-mile-per-hour speed limit from 500 feet south of the southern property line of 6931 Portage Road to approximately 475 feet north of the northern property line of 7009 Portage Road.

Earlier this month, residents who live there addressed the village board and the Windsor public works committee to seek a speed-limit reduction and an increased law enforcement presence in the area.

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