A $5 increase in dog license fees was unanimously approved by the Windsor Village Board on Thursday, as part of its 2019 fee schedule.

The change was made to reflect Dane County’s $5 dog fees bump, which was included in its 2020 budget to meet its contract with the Dane County Humane Society.

“Dane County has updated its fees for dog licenses,” said Village Clerk Christine Capstran.

Kennel license fees will also see a hike in 2020, as the county will collect $43.25 for the license and $13.75 for additional tags. Currently, the kennel license fee for 12 or fewer dogs is $30 and $3 for each additional dog.

According to state and village ordinances, all dogs five months of age or older must be licensed annually. A current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented along with payment to receive a dog license.

Dane County’s portion of the fees goes to support the Humane Society. That organization receives unwanted animals from animal services officers, local law enforcement and the general public.

On the village side, its portion of the dog license fee supports software costs for pet licensing, as well as staff time to process them.

For spayed or neutered animals in the village, the cost of a license will go from $15 to $20. For any unaltered animal, a license will be $25. There is also a $5 late fee after March 31 or 30 days after acquiring a dog. That latter amount is retained by the village in its entirety.

Under the old fees, where a dog license was $15 for a spayed or neutered pet, $6.25 of that amount went to the village and $8.75 was sent to Dane County. For an intact dog, the old license fee was $20, with $6.25 going to the village and $13.75 to the county.

Open burning

In the aftermath of last Monday’s open house on open burning in the residential area of the village, staff and trustees have been asked by Village President Bob Wipperfurth to summarize what they heard from residents in a report and then state what they think the village should do.

Those reports will be turned into the village clerk in advance of the board’s Dec. 19 meeting, where the matter will be discussed again.

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