Residents of the Village of DeForest will get a say in what future amenities and programming they want to see at their parks.

A survey on DeForest’s Parks & Open Space Plan is being undertaken to gather citizen input to help the village prioritize projects for the next five years.

“It’s part of a broader initiative to update our comprehensive parks plan,” said DeForest Director of Public Services Kelli Bialkowski. “It’s something we do every five years. It keeps us eligible for certain grants and gives us feedback on how to plan for park acquisitions, improvements and new amenities.”

Featuring 21 questions, the survey started the week of May 6. It will close by the end of the month. Bialkowski said some of the questions are targeted for recreation planning, as village officials look for opinions on such activities such as baseball and softball, biking, trails and fishing.

Getting responses from a good cross-section of residents is one of the goals. To participate, go to the village’s web site and scroll to find the “Park Survey” section.

“It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes,” said Bialkowski.

Village officials will be working to promote the survey on social media. Bialkowski said to watch Facebook for more on the survey.

After the survey closes, village officials will review and analyze the feedback, and Bialkowski said, “We’ll roll it up into our capital improvement plan.” Recommendations will then be made regarding possible park improvements for the next five years.

Looking back on the last five years, Bialkowski noted accomplishments stemming from the last survey. Breaking ground on the new athletic complex was one. New playground equipment and improvements made to the basketball court at Western Green Park were also noted.

There is another way for citizens to express their opinions. On May 17, the newly renovated Fireman’s Park will host one of its “Fri-Yay” events from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Attendees will be able to put stickers on a poster board to identify their favorite park things.

“We invite you out to see the band and give us your feedback,” said Bialkowski.

Here is the link to the survey:

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Forgive me but...I seem to remember simple surveys on the playground equipment for Fireman's Park and what logo would be painted on the redone water tower...the public opinion seemed to be quite clear according to the survey results...and then The Village seemed to just go ahead and did what it was going to do anyway...kind of hollow isn't it?

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