New regulations regarding off-street parking in the Village of Windsor could be coming soon.

The work product of the village’s parking ad-hoc committee, approved recently by a 6-1 vote, was reviewed by trustees at the Oct. 3 Windsor Village Board meeting.

“Nobody was really happy with it, which probably means that it’s a good compromise,” said Village President Bob Wipperfurth.

No action was taken on the proposed changes by the village board. They go to the plan commission next and will come back to the village board in November for its approval. The language of the proposal will be reviewed, according to Wipperfurth.

Wipperfurth talked about the challenging process, as the committee was formed a number of months ago. Some meetings were attended by 20 to 30 residents, he said. There was a point where it seemed momentum had stalled.

“I can tell you the fourth meeting in, people left disheartened, including me,” said Wipperfurth, who said it was a challenge trying to be fair to everyone.

Deputy Village Administrator and Director of Economic Development Jamie Rybarczyk noted that aesthetics is an issues, saying that there are instances in the village of too many motor vehicles being parked on front lawns.

The provisions would apply only to residential districts in the village and to lots of 1 acre or less in size. They target all passenger motor vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles and commercial motor vehicles.

Generally, the proposal states that they all must display current vehicles registration tags and “shall not be used for the storage of goods, materials or equipment, other than those items considered to be part of the vehicle or essential for its immediate use.”

Included are specific provisions for different types of vehicles. For example, all passenger motor vehicles would have to be parked on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete or pavers. The same goes for trailers.

Trustee Brad Mueller asked how residents would go about getting approval to add a hard surface to their property. Rybarczyk said it could be taken care of with a simple zoning permit.

No more than two total trailers would be able to be parked or stored on a property under these proposed regulations. These must display registration tags. Those not required by state law to have registration tags may be parked or stored on the side or rear yard lawns.

Regarding recreational vehicles, only one would be allowed to be parked or stored on the premises, and it cannot be longer than 24 feet, although those exceeding the length requirements may remain temporarily for a period of seven days “prior to and subsequent to an overnight trip or vacation.”

Only one commercial motor vehicle is allowed, as well, and it must weigh between 10,000 and 20,001 pounds. Those less than 10,000 pounds would be considered passenger motor vehicles.

The village board may grant special exemptions under the proposal. However, they would be granted only for the premises specified and could not be transferred to another location. They would involve substituting a different parking surface or the maximum number of vehicles allowed to be kept on a property, so long as it doesn’t exceed four.

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