The Windsor Village Board adopted a number of speed limit, signage and parking changes.

During its May 16 meeting, the board ratified a total parking ban for its portions of Reardon Road and Pederson Crossing. Sections of those roads also go through DeForest and are subject to DeForest’s ordinances.

Also among the changes is a speed reduction on Portage Road. The areas affected by the alteration include 1,000 feet north of the Old Mill parking lot extending south to Highway 19.

The board also approved speed reduction on Gray Road from North Towne Road west to Highway CV.

Both areas were previously 45-mile-per-hour zones and were lowered to 35-miles-per-hour.

The Public Works Committee and Windsor deputies recommended the changes. Trustee Brad Mueller said speed boards will likely be deployed to inform drivers of the alterations.

The board also moved forward on the installation of four-way stops at the Depot Street/Second Street intersection and at the intersection of Portage Road and Vinburn Road.

Trustee Bruce Stravinski said those stop signs may include blinking lights to alert drivers during periods of sunrise and sunset. The signs will become more difficult to spot during those times due to sun glare, Stravinski said.

Trustees also said those lights may be shielded to avoid nuisances for neighboring homes.

The list of changes takes effect once updated signage is posted along the roads. Director of Public Works Director Davis Clark said the signs are ordered and will arrive within a few weeks.

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Portage & Vinburn but NOT Windsor Road & Portage? I trust there was a study done but...I find it hard to believe Windsor & Portage is not as busy if not busier than Vinburn & Portage.

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