Although there were no local races on the ballot, DeForest area voters headed to polls on Tuesday for a statewide primary.

Wisconsin’s Feb. 18 primary featured three candidates vying for a chance to move forward to the general election in April for the state Supreme Court. Incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly faced challengers Jill J. Karofsky, a Dane County Circuit Court Judge, and Ed Fallone, a Marquette Law School professor. Kelly and Karofsky garnered the most votes as Fallone was eliminated.

Despite Kelly coming away with a higher percentage of votes statewide, the majority of local voters favored Karofsky. In DeForest, she collected 47 percent of ballots, with 526 votes in her favor. Windsor residents gave Karofsky 444 votes, or 44 percent of the total in the village. In Vienna, the Dane County judge came away with 88 votes (44 percent).

Kelly was a close second for local voters, as he received 445 (39 percent) and 434 (43 percent) votes in DeForest and Windsor, respectively. Eighty-one ballots were cast in Kelly’s favor in Vienna, representing 40 percent of total votes there.

The third-place candidate, Fallone, collected 158, 119 and 32 votes in DeForest, Windsor and Vienna, respectively. Between the three municipalities, only six voters opted for write-in candidates.

Dane County as a whole chose Karofsky, with 64% of ballots in favor of her. Kelly picked up 20 percent of the county’s total and Fallone received 16 percent.

According to, Kelly collected 352,855 votes across the state, 50 percent of all ballots cast. Karofsky received 261,723 tallies, 37 percent of the overall total, while Fallone garnered 89,181 votes (13 percent). Kelly and Karofsky will face off in the April 7 election with the winner joining the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a 10-year term. Currently the court holds a 5-2 conservative majority.

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