Are the state’s population estimates for the Village of Windsor off? Windsor officials think so and are going to challenge them.

“It’s complicated,” said Village Clerk Christine Capstran, reporting on the issue at the Thursday, Sept. 5, Windsor Village Board meeting. “Every year the Department of Administration gives an estimation of the population. This year, we received an estimate that we thought was really low.”

The preliminary estimate for the Jan. 1, 2019 population of Windsor is 7,925, which represents an increase of 130 residents over 2018, with a rise of 1,580 or approximately 24 percent since the 2010 Census.

These population estimates are used to determine state revenue sharing distribution, as well as for shared contracts and determining reserve liquor licensing.

In a memo to the village board, Capstran wrote, “While these are just estimates and there is a true up every 10 years after the US Census, an incorrect estimate could affect our revenue sharing distribution and our portion of various shared contracts from year to year.”

Capstran also reported that in comparing this year’s data with that of past years, it appeared that it was calculated differently, resulting in a much lower population increase.

The Department of Administration allows a municipality to question the estimate “if they believe the estimate is not a reasonable approximation of its population,” wrote Capstran. Any challenge must be filed by Sept. 15.

Capstran’s memo notes that in 2018, Windsor reported new construction that included 75 single-family units, 24 two-family units and eight multi-family units. Village officials estimate Windsor’s population increase at 264 persons.

“With how they’ve increased in the past, we thought (130) was low,” said Capstran.

Trustee Brad Mueller said, “That’s a significant difference in calculation.”

TIF incentive payments

Tax Incremental Financing payments totaling nearly $188,500 will be distributed to two Village of Windsor housing developments.

Both were unanimously approved Thursday by the Windsor Village Board, with $97,258 going to North Towne Home, LLC, and $91,189 to The Terraces at Windsor Crossing Multi-Family, LLC.

The payouts for the 2018 tax year were set forth as development incentives in the agreements with the entities, with payment attributed as a project cost of Tax Incremental District No. 1.

Established in August 2015 when Windsor was a town, the agreement with North Town Homes provided for a mixed-used development on a lot in Wolf Hollow. A development incentive grant of $145,000 was given to North Towne Homes, along with a Pay As You Go Development Incentive Obligation of $355,000, gleaned solely from the project tax increment funds generated by the project and received by the village. The stipulation was that the developer meet the obligations of the agreement.

It has been determined that the developer has completed the development in line with the site plan and terms and conditions of that agreement, while meeting the guarantee amount of $5.5 million for Jan. 1, 2018 by generating more than $6.5 million. The developer has paid in full the real property tax bill for 2018.

The North Towne Homes development has three unit rental buildings and a multi-family building, while The Terraces at Windsor Crossing features two multi-family buildings.

The Pay As You Go Development Incentive Obligation to The Terraces at Windsor Crossing is similar, except that it was for $500,000. Village officials say the developer has met the project value guarantee amount of $7 million, building it up to an actual figure of $9,332,700. The project has also been completed in accordance with the site plan and terms and conditions of the agreement, established in December 2017.

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