Trails and bridges were topics of conversation at Thursday’s Windsor Village Board meeting, with a bid of $205,700 awarded to Custom Manufacturing, Inc., of Clinton for two pedestrian bridges projects.

One is being installed in the Revere Trails subdivision, while the other project will fix the pedestrian bridge in the Wolf Hollow subdivision.

“Custom Manufacturing met all the qualifications,” said Public Works Director Davis Clark.

Two bids were submitted for the work on Oct. 31. The other came from R.G. Huston of Cottage Grove. It was the high bid at $733,160.

“There was a significant difference in prices,” said Clark.

The Windsor Village Board unanimously approved going with Custom Manufacturing for the work. Earlier in the meeting, trustees debated whether to allow the Village of DeForest to construct a trail in 2020 connecting another existing trail in the Fox Hills Estates subdivision to Windsor Community Park, but took no action.

Work for the Revere Trails and Wolf Hollow pedestrian bridges was bid on a lump sum basis, with three bid options. The first involved constructing the Revere Pass trail bridge only, while the second was to build the Wolf Hollow Bridge only. Option three called for bids on constructing both bridges.

In talking about the plans from R.G. Huston, David said their version of the bridges was something “you could drive a tank over. It was overkill for what we needed.”

The projects were previously bid in May, with R.G. Huston using a bridge manufacturer that required bridge pilings, a crane for installation and concrete bridge abutments, according to a memorandum from Clark to the village board.

Clark wrote to the board that R.G. Huston’s bid this time around was similar to its previous bid price, with Clark adding, “ … hence we assume that they did not assume construction with a self-supporting foundation similar to what Custom Manufacturing uses.”

The matter was reviewed by the public works committee, which recommended the village board award the bid to Custom Manufacturing for the lump sum option that comprised both pedestrian bridge projects.

Trustee Don Madelung talked about the Wolf Hollow bridge’s problems with warping and asked if the village had sought redress with the original builder. Deputy Administrator/Director of Economic Development Jamie Rybarczyk said village officials had gone back to the builder, who indicated the project was finished and there was no proof any of the damage was done by the contractor.

When asked about guarantees for the previous work on the Wolf Hollow pedestrian bridge, Rybarczyk responded, “Technically, it’s not a bridge. It is a boardwalk, so there’s not a five- or 10 -year warranty that goes with a bridge.”

Trail connection to Windsor Community Park

DeForest Village President Judd Blau attended Thursday’s Windsor Village Board meeting to seek permission from Windsor to construct a trail in the Bear Tree subdivision at the Windsor Community Park on Pedersen Crossing.

According to a letter from DeForest’s Public Works/Utilities Project Coordinator Greg Hall, the trail would extend from a trail already in Fox Hills Estates to Windsor Community Park.

“You guys built a wonderful park that our residents would want access to,” said Blau.

Hall wrote that it would be a 10-feet wide asphalt pavement trail roughly 345 feet long and DeForest would coordinate the work with Windsor. The estimated cost of the project is $21,500 and DeForest is offering to pay the entire amount.

Windsor Trustee Bruce Stravinski said Windsor should work with DeForest on the project and even suggested that Windsor pay for half of it. While reiterating he thought it was poor planning on DeForest’s part to not help pay for a trail connection from a path on Windsor’s side of the Yahara River Bridge on Windsor Road to DeForest’s Upper Yahara River Trail, Stravinski talked about the future of local trails and how they may connect with Dane County’s trail system down the road.

DeForest and Windsor are sharing the costs of replacing the bridge, but Windsor plans to install a 10-foot wide pedestrian path on the south side, allowing pedestrians to cross Windsor Road from that side. Otherwise, they would have to cross the road twice to get to the trail system. All improvements to the south of the bridge are Windsor’s responsibility, while DeForest is responsible for all of those to the north.

“We ought to contribute,” said Stravinski. “It’s just good planning.” He added, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Blau brought up the Village of DeForest’s idea to create a walking bridge over the river near Windsor Road that might make for a nicer walk. Windsor Village President Bob Wipperfurth said he left frustrated after talks on the Yahara River Bridge project for Windsor Road, but added that he liked DeForest’s idea of a standalone bridge over the river.

Trustee Brad Mueller said he liked the conversation regarding cooperation between the two municipalities, but also noted that DeForest’s proposed trail connection to Windsor Community Park primarily benefitted DeForest residents. Madelung hoped for other opportunities down the line for more cooperation between DeForest and Windsor.

Windsor Trustee Monica Smith informed Blau that some DeForest constituents had informed her that they were concerned about the lack of sidewalks going from the Conservancy Park neighborhood to DeForest’s new athletic complex and the increase in traffic in that area.

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