Progress is being made on deciding what to do with the now-vacant Morrisonville Elementary School.

At Monday’s school board meeting, members reviewed available options, including selling the 100-year-old building. Other possibilities include auctioning it off, trading it for something of similar market value or keeping it.

Board President Jan Berg asked, “How do we get fair market value on a building that’s 100 years old?” She also added, “There are not a lot of comparables out there.”

No decisions were made at Monday’s meeting.

Director of Business and Auxiliary Services Kathleen Davis-Phillips ran through the possibilities with the board. Other questions arose during her presentation. One was, if selling or auctioning it is solution, does the board hire a Realtor or an auction service.

Also, Davis wondered if a separate appraisal by an outside company should be done and who should negotiate with potential buyers.

Board Clerk Brian Coker said he was in favor of a third-party appraisal. Berg agreed, saying an appraisal is where to start.

Davis said there was a company out of Madison who helped the Sauk Prairie School District with one of its properties.

Board Member Jeff Miller talked of engaging the Village of Windsor to determine its interest in the site. Superintendent Eric Runez said Windsor village officials did look at the property.

Miller also said that engaging a Realtor would be helpful in giving the district comparable situations to review.

Currently, the school district is still heating the building and maintaining its systems, including electrical. So, if the district sells the building sooner than later, it could save some money.

Also, Davis noted that insurance is different with vacant buildings.

Runez informed the board that local enforcement has inquired about a one-time use of the building for training purposes. Also, alumni of Morrisonville Elementary School are planning an open house for Oct. 12.

As far as next steps go, school officials will explore the cost of an appraisal of the building, reach out to Realtors for a market analysis and fees for their services, get prices on auction services and detail maintenance costs.

With regard to security, Davis said believes there is some kind of security camera on site, with monitors on the heating system.

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