Enrollment in the DeForest Area School District continues to rise.

According to the annual third Friday in September head count, the district has 3,948 total students for the 2019-20 school year, compared to 3,829 in 2018-19. That’s an increase of 119 students.

“It’s one of the largest factors in our revenue limits,” said Director of Business & Auxiliary Services Kathleen Davis-Phillips. “It’s up a bit more than we anticipated for the budget.”

Since the 2008-09 school year, enrollment in the district has jumped from 3,263 to the current total. That’s almost 700 students.

“We’ve grown a lot,” said Davis-Phillips.

The high school has 1,027 students, with the senior class comprising 270 pupils. There are 246 juniors, 244 sophomores and 267 freshmen.

At DeForest Area Middle School, the total student count is 1,076, with 280 in fifth grade, 260 in sixth, 278 in seventh and 258 in eighth.

Eagle Point Elementary School has 517 students, with Windsor Elementary School checking in with 605 and Yahara Elementary School at 418. The 4-year-old kindergarten program at Holum has 305 students.

Davis-Phillips said DeForest is a little ahead of enrollment projections. For 2020-21, the student population estimate is 3,958. It is 4,053 for 2021-22, 4,185 for 2022-23, 4,310 for 2023-24, 4,439 for 2024-25, 4,563 for 2025-26, 4,723 for 2026-27, 4,870 for 2027-28 and 5,025 for 2028-29.

Full-time equivalent students numbers are used in calculating state revenue limits for the district. DeForest has seen an increase of just over 120 from 2018-19, going from 3,711 in 2018-19 to 3,831.5 in 2019-20.

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