DeForest Boy Scout Troop 35 recently held a Court of Honor at the Christ Lutheran Church in DeForest to recognize the achievements of its scouts and leaders.

The troop recognized the following scouts for rank advancements at the Court of Honor: Michael Hron, First Class; Caleb Hookham and Vaughn Nyden, Second Class; and Kaleb Scholze, Marcus Romeo, Ryan Schmidt, Tyson Ohm, and Xander Coker, Scout. The troop also celebrated its newest Eagle Scout, Ben Flickinger, who reached that prestigious rank last October.

The Order of the Arrow is Boy Scouts’ honor society, and Troop 35 has elected the following scouts and leaders for induction into that society: Oliver Skolaski, Alex Trebiatowski, Brandon Rebar, Logan Wilson, Mr. David Trebiatowski, and Mr. John Strangfeld.

Troop 35 also honored long-time volunteer Sue Hill for her service to the troop, including serving as a merit badge counselor, committee member, advancement coordinator, and Eagle Scout mentor.

The following merit badges were awarded at the Court of Honor: Alex Grabowski-Athletics, Sports, and Camping; Alex Trzebiatowski-Law; Brandon Rebar-Astronomy and Snow Sports; Corey Trzebiatowski-Fire Safety and Reptile & Amphibian Studies; Eli Strangfeld-Aviation; Jackson Grabowski-First Aid; Logan Wilson-Music and Reptile & Amphibian Studies; Michael Hron-Citizenship in the Nation; Vaughn Nyden-Citizenship in the World.

Several scouts also earned their Cyber Chip for committing to safe online behavior, Totin’ Chip for demonstrating the safe use of a pocketknife, and Firem’n Chit for demonstrating safe campfire skills.

For more information about scouting, check out our Facebook page Boy Scout Troop 35 – DeForest WI or contact Scoutmaster Tom Wilson at 846-2722.

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