Did you watch the National College Championship Game on TV a couple of weeks ago? I watched the game during the commercial breaks of my favorite Monday night television programs and then when the news came on I watched the end of the game. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was unbelievable as he engineered a 42-25 win over the former champions, Clemson.

I have no idea what the viewership of the game was but in my mind television and the NCAA made two major blunders in bringing this game to America.

Number one, the game should be played during the weekend, not on a week night. Television viewers are going to tune into their favorite television show during the week and not watch the football game. On the weekends they will search out the sporting events.

Number two, the game was broadcast on ESPN. I’m sure that automatically eliminated millions of potential viewers who do not have cable television or do not subscribe to ESPN.

I’ve noticed in recent years that collegiate football has evolved from where the top teams no longer have a punishing run game but depend on a talented quarterback and great receivers to gain the victories.

Wisconsin’s game still depends on a punishing run offense and a hard-nosed defense to gain their victories. They are still going to have some great seasons but I don’t think you will ever see them contend for the national championship as long as they have a “run first” mentality.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL SHOOK the baseball world when it announced that the Boston Red Sox cheated in the 2018 World Series by stealing signs from Dodger catchers which resulted in the Red Sox winning games and gaining the World Championship that year.

The day after this announcement the club’s executives held a press conference in which they put the entire blame on manager Alex Cora and announced his firing. The club brass then asked Red Sox fans to “reserve judgement until MLB completes its investigation.”

And get this, the executives said that Cora’s firing was for him breaking the rules when he was employed by the Astros. President Sam Kennedy said, “The other thing I’d add is the organization is well aware of the rules and communicated those to our uniformed personnel and front office staff, but that’s as far as we’ll go in terms of talking about anything related to Boston.”

So according to the ownership, letting go of Cora was exclusively for what he did at Houston and not for his actions as manager of the Red Sox. Kennedy went one step further in the blame game, noting that ownership clearly warned the field staff and front office about cheating as it relates to stealing signs.

When asked by the press if they thought the Sox won the 2018 World Series “fair and square” both executives responded immediately, “Absolutely, yes.”

So cheating isn’t exclusively a problem of the New England Patriots. There’s another professional sports team in the Boston area that seems to try and bend the rules in their favor.

Dick Emerson is the former publisher of the DeForest Times-Tribune.

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