Plumer uses "Santa Claus" strategy 

Dear Editor,

Jon Plumer’s marketing campaign is brazenly incoherent. It demonstrates an obviously raw purpose behind what political pundits tend to refer to as the “Santa Claus” strategy of campaigning. He’s got a present for nearly everyone.

This vigilant “big watch-dog for taxpayer money” is adamant that he will “hold the line on taxes.” He is also interested in increasing the gas tax. He never did state which line he intends to hold, but he is going to hold it! He also promises to “lessen your tax burden.” Apparently just after he raises it…

According to Plumer, the recent child tax credit expansion during an election season is also a good thing because everyone he meets is happy to get a check from the government, and also because people should be able to keep their own money. He also still wants to increase the gas tax, because people should be able to – hold on….what was the underlying policy, again?

He also intends to limit government help for poor people, ostensibly to curtail government dependence. In related news, he wants to bring more government subsidies to rural Wisconsin because government dependence will help cure the decline of the rural economy. Plumer must have a high threshold for registering cognitive dissonance - unless he’s not proofing his own ads, which is possible.

Plumer is also going to ensure that private companies have to insure everyone. He is also going to ensure that we all have affordable healthcare, even if the government has to “stabilize the rising costs” of that healthcare. (He at least impliedly acknowledges that forced increases in demand will inevitably lead to increased costs that will threaten the ability of private citizens to afford said healthcare.) Plumer has yet to explain what level of increased government force and spending that “stabilization” entails. His promise to “hold the line on taxes” is surely comforting in this context. Surely… (Remember when Republican solutions didn’t involve growing government?)

If Plumer’s marketing campaign accurately reflects his policy positions, Plumer has exhibited himself to be little more than a Republican version of Bernie Sanders-lite. Long on promising government goodies. Short on logic. Good thing he’s running on the Republican ticket. Without that trusty “R” next to his name, conservatives would have cause for concern. At least he promises to fix the roads. What other candidate would do that?

Cliff Arthur


Impressed with local Memorial Day ceremony

DeForest area residents,

I realize some of you may have been out of town traveling, working, or busy with family obligations this past Memorial Day. I’m guilty of those things and not taking some time to honor the Veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country over my time as well. This year I did take time, along with a couple hundred other patriots, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the ceremony hosted by your Deforest Veterans Memorial Foundation, American Legion Post 348 and its Auxiliary.

This is actually the third year I’ve attended a Memorial Day service in DeForest. Folks, they just keep getting better and better. This year, the group did a fantastic job paying respect to the first Deforest area World War I Killed In Action, PVT Edward Olson. There was an educational element that you don’t normally find at other ceremonies. A story was told that was impactful, historical, and relatable. The use of very realistic props such as the arrival of a flag-draped casket using a beautifully renovated Caisson was amazing. With crisp precision, the Wisconsin National Guard Military Funeral Honors team performed flawlessly in very warm temperatures. My comrades in the Legion Honor Guard team looked sharped and represented all branches of the service extremely well. And the park itself is a great location to pause and give reflection to those that served.

Lastly, I was also impressed with one young father as well. He had brought his son of about six years of age and was sitting on the green grass very close to me. The father was already in my good standing because he was there with his son. They could have easily gone swimming or to arguably a more exciting venue. He chose to be there. They ceremony started. Father quickly quieted son. The crowd was asked to rise for our National Anthem. Real parenting started as the young boy would be happier to sit versus stand into the hot sun. Dad had the boy stand and remove his ball cap with the cap over his heart. I was very impressed. The duo left before I could offer a compliment. If you happen to read this – well done Dad!

I couldn’t be more proud to live in the DeForest area and have the opportunity to attend this service.

Greg Cullen, CMSgt (Ret)



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