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I am writing to endorse Jon Plumer for the 42nd Assembly District. Jon is the first candidate for state or federal office that I have ever endorsed in writing. I am endorsing Jon because I have found him to be an honorable man who cares deeply about his community. I have watched Jon as he deliberates issues as a member of the Lodi Town Board. He listens reflectively to members of the community and his fellow Town Board members. No matter whether we agree or disagree on an issue, I have always known that Jon votes for what he believes is best for the residents of the Town. Jon also cares deeply about children. At his Karate School he teaches children not only karate but discipline and respect for one everyone, no matter who they are. He wants to help make decisions that will make a better world for all children. I know that Jon will listen to everyone objectively, will keep his mind open to all opinions on an issue, and make the decision to cast his votes in favor of what will make our community a better place for us to live and more importantly, a better place for our children to live going into the future. These are the reasons Jon Plumer has my endorsement. Please join me in voting for Jon Plumer for State Assembly.

Tom Marx,


Plumer ‘understands the needs of the rural citizens’

Dear editor,

It is with great respect and admiration I am endorsing Jon Plumer in the 42nd Assembly District primary election on May 15, 2018.

Jon and I have worked together at community events throughout Lodi through the years. We met at the Lodi Agricultural Fair when Jon was judging the Jr. Bake-off contest. It didn’t take long to see how he enjoyed engaging with the young exhibitors and put them at ease. Jon and his wife, Chris, started the Plumer Karate America schools in Lodi and Poynette. Jon sees everyone’s ability to succeed and encourages their 160+ students of all ages to grow as they teach respect, discipline, leadership and community service... life lessons all should learn. Jon doesn’t just “talk the talk, but walk the walk” as I have personally seen him with his students participating in trash pick-up and other community events. He believes that serving as a visual example is the best way to teach. He has a deep concern for our children and grandchildren’s futures.

He truly understands and appreciates the heart of small communities. Where Jon sees a need, he not only pitches in to help, but brings the leadership to guide community involvement to success. Jon and his wife, Chris, started the annual Lodi Thanksgiving dinner after seeing the need locally. They team up with their karate school families and serve about 100 dinners each year. Jon also works with a group of local business owners to help place special needs students into successful working environments.

Jon is a past president of the Lodi and Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, which is very active in bringing community events to grow our businesses district. He is a town of Lodi supervisor and understands the needs of the rural citizens. He has worked to improve roads without raising taxes, as he relates to what a family budget is. His small-town roots are much needed at the State Capitol as he will continue to seek solutions to help all citizens of the 42nd District. Jon Plumer is one the of the hardest working people I know, who doesn’t look for rewards, but does it for the right reasons. Jon Plumer will work harder for you as your state representative in Madison than any of the others running in this race. Please vote Plumer on the May 15th ballot. Your vote will count!

Lori Ripp,


Support for Schroeder

Dear editor,

Since the special election was ordered, Republican leader Robin Vos has actively worked to push all Republican candidates besides Jon Plumer out of the race, and has explicitly stated, in writing, that the Republican Party is exclusively funding and supporting Jon Plumer’s campaign.

Every other Republican party primary candidate has been forced to run against their own party’s political machine.

I know because I was one of those candidates. The day after the special election was ordered, Vos called to tell me that he and other party leaders had pre-selected Jon Plumer as the primary winner, explaining that his Democrat counterpart had informed him that the Democrats were doing the same. Mr. Vos therefore felt that also circumventing the primary was the Republican Party’s only chance to compete. The shock of that “request” to “step aside and rally behind Jon Plumer” was replaced with disgust when I received Vos’s answer to my follow up question: “If I remained in the special election, would the party remain neutral during the primary?” Vos’s answer in the negative was crystal clear: “We are going to help [Plumer] in both the primary and the general. We need all eight weeks to.. defeat the Democrats. Hope you understand...”

Yes, I do understand. So should every Republican in this primary understand. We all mocked the DNC for rigging a presidential primary against Bernie Sanders, and rightfully so. Backroom thuggery and political race-fixing should have no place in any U.S. political party. Any political figure or candidate who takes any part of it should be summarily rejected. Such people have no legitimate place in positions of public power.

Republicans still have a valid, moral choice in this election. I backed out because I didn’t believe that I have the resources to survive a primary against a professionally funded and managed machine, but Darren Schroeder has remained in the race despite the same pressure tactics from Mr. Vos. He is a local farmer who understands our district and has already shown that he can stand up to insider corruption. I am supporting him in this election. I hope you will, too.

Clifford Arthur,


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