Vote for Vinehout

Dear editor:

Well, coming up soon now – Aug. 14 -- we will have another chance to vote. This time it is the primary election to determine, among other things, the Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin. My choice is Kathleen Vinehout.

Kathleen Vinehout has been a Wisconsin state senator since 2006. You can find out a lot more about her at, where she tells us, “I am running for put people first, at the center of state policy and the top priority when it comes to...where the state is today.” That is the kind of thing I like to hear Democrats say -- put people first.

Kathleen's father labored hard for a living. Her mother was a nurse. Kathleen put herself through college all the way to a Ph.D., then taught health policy and administration at the college level. She and her husband operated a dairy farm for 10 years in rural Buffalo County. And, she's been a state senator for a decade. For goodness sake, who knows Wisconsin better?

Vinehout calls one of her ideas, “Freedom to Learn.” It would make technical and two-year college tuition free at Wisconsin campuses. Another of her ideas is "Healthy Wisconsin," which will provide health care to all Wisconsin residents. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calls the health-related bills she has passed, “the most extensive changes in a decade.”

I love the way she presents her ideas in the regular alternative state budgets she prepares. I have met Kathleen Vinehout and heard her speak on a number of occasions. She will be a bright, fresh personality to represent Wisconsin in our traditional, progressive way.


John Scepanski


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