The Dane County Towns Association has sought to keep towns informed about the DaneCom system.

As one of the two DCTA representatives on the DaneCom Governing Board, I want to be sure your readers know that DCTA has tried to keep towns informed. We can only share what we have. In an email dated January 8, Chad Fleck from Dane County stated “This update on DaneCom is definitely long overdue and I apologize for the lack of information over the past months.”    

Doug Meier, the other DCTA representative, has shared every piece of official information we’ve received regarding DaneCom.

We have a vested interest in the project just like every other community in the county and it serves no purpose to withhold that information. But we haven’t had a meeting since June 22.

We have been provided so little information that we started making open records requests. The county refused to allow us access to some of the most important information, the description of coverage of the system.

I find it a bit odd that the county executive’s chief of staff, Mr. Wescott, would appear suddenly with a prepared update at this late date when in the past Mr. DeJung or a member of his staff provided the update. Mr. Wescott appears to have chosen to ignore the DCTA and more importantly the two members of the DaneCom Governing Board to present his information to the Town of Vienna Board.

I was not made aware of that update until two days after it was presented to the Vienna Town Board. This action in my opinion appears to validate my position that the fault does not lie with the DCTA in not providing updates to its members.

Steven Anders   

DaneCom, Governing Board

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