NFL protests

We are all children of God and Americans, not SOBs. Let’s ratchet down the rhetoric. Both sides. For those 55% who feel the NFL is inappropriate – find your flag and fly it, non-stop. For all who cancelled their NFL TV package, fly your flag too. For all those at NFL games who hoot, whistle, or clap at the big flag on the field, demand the NFL comply with the US Flag Code, which carries the force and effect of law without penalties, which states in part, “§8 (c) The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free,” then go home and fly your flag. What better way to counter disrespect for our flag than by flooding the countryside with them. For all those in the NFL, college, or lower schools who take a knee, sit, or raise a fist when our flag is being honored with the National Anthem; and insist it is not an act of disrespect to our flag, prove it. Go home and find your flags – or get one – and fly it daily. The flag is a living symbol of our country, warts and all, and it covers the caskets of deceased members of our Armed Forces to honor their service to our Nation, regardless of who they are.

Bill Ridgely, DeForest

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