Commend the board for listening

I was very satisfied with the Windsor Village Board meeting May 3. Especially pleased (actually proud) with Chairman Robert Wipperfurth’s thoughtful announcement and proposal to the board and many community members present. His suggestion was that the board votes down the proposed ordinance amendment for Chapter 52 as written for vehicles and trailers parked on the village owner’s properties and begin again with something more workable. Since the board did vote it down later in the meeting after hearing several speak their concerns, I felt they were listening. I commend the board for that!

I felt the ordinance regulations were ridiculously restrictive and complicated. Many of our residents’ lifestyles and livelihoods would have been extremely affected with all that was proposed. It was an imposition on all of us. Forming a committee as suggested of select members sounds like a good start. Yes, there may be a few offenders or nuisance neighbors, but why should the majority have to suffer for a few?

One of the board members suggested communication is a big part of resolving things. Many citizens felt uninformed with lack of communication about this ordinance being proposed until very close to voting. Some of us saw the article in the DeForest Times in the April 19 edition by Dan Colton and learned for the first time that the Plan Commission had worked on and passed the ordinance. Unfortunately many people do not subscribe to the local paper. In the future I would hope the village board communication would improve to the citizens well before a new ordinance or anything else so far reaching is going to be up for vote.

Marian Drake,


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