On February 16, Wisconsin citizens will get a chance to vote against Rebecca Bradley, who has been appointed to three courts: the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, the Court of Appeals and a Milwaukee County Circuit Court over the past three years, all by Gov. Walker.

One could assume that Justice Bradley might be inclined to rule in favor of her benefactor — if one were cynical. Before she was anointed, Justice Bradley was in private practice, defending doctors in malpractice suits and businesses in product liability lawsuits and appeals.

Bradley also has an impressive list of endorsements, beginning with one of her current colleagues on the State Supreme Court, Justice Gableman! What an encouraging thought for business interests, if Justice Rebecca gets elected, they can look forward to being 2/5 of the way to a majority in their favor right out of the gate!

Bradley has also accumulated endorsements from 41 of the 72 county sheriffs in the state (39 of them Republican) and 13 county district attorneys (all Republican and six appointed by our Governor.) Two appeals court judges have also endorsed their fellow gubernatorial appointee! I wonder why? I guess loyalty runs deep at election time. I would hope that it does not when the time comes to judge a case!

Vote for Appeals Court Judge Joanne Kloppenburg or Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Joe Donald on February 16 for an independent State Supreme Court!

Karen Edson


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