A fresh start with Evers

Dear editor:

Tony Evers is the Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin. As a Democrat myself, I intend to vote for Mr. Evers, because he represents the best of the ideals of the Democratic Party. As Wisconsin's Superintendent of Schools, of course, Mr. Evers' forte is education. He says on his website, "Our public schools are the heart and soul of so many Wisconsin communities." That alone sets him apart.

Besides education, Tony Evers takes the long view on issues and has formulated sustainable plans for roads and bridges, health care for all, protection of natural resources, renewable energy, economic development, agriculture, fair elections, non-partisan redistricting, campaign finance reform, and all the other issues that concern us all.

I have been offended by the false and dirty flyers that have come in my mail attacking Tony Evers. The flyers say they are paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Why would the GOP send me, a long-time Democrat, such vicious material? As Tony says, "It’s time we return Wisconsin to a place where we treat each other with respect and dignity, we stop pitting Wisconsinites against each other and we actually talk and listen to each other, not insult or demean our opponents."

Yes, Tony Evers is a clean-cut guy. I want a fresh smell and a fresh start in our state government.


John Scepanski, DeForest

Impressed with Plumer

I first met Jon Plumer when he came to our door campaigning. The second time Jon came to our home I talked to him about a couple of issues we had in Fox Lake; reducing the speed on Highway 33 on the west side of Fox Lake and grant funding for dredging Mill Creek. Jon gave me information that led me to the people who could set up traffic studies and help us to obtain grant funding.

Jon has taken time to come to Fox Lake for a listening session. Whenever I have called him he has always promptly returned my calls. Jon seems to genuinely care about the people he serves in his district and I feel he will represent us well in Madison.

Tom Bednarek, Fox Lake

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