Vote for McCabe

Before we solve Wisconsin’s challenges, people need to be part of government again. Right now, control is in the hands of a few. That’s wrong. We can have a better future if all of us get involved.

Over several years, clean government been shoved aside. The watchdog that grew out of the 1990 caucus scandals has been neutered. National groups like ALEC are writing bills and our right to the ballot is diminished by voter suppression and gerrymandering. Legislators assault local control to keep communities from charting their own course. At the bottom of it all, big money continues to buy more influence in Madison than hardworking citizens can afford.

Facing these roadblocks, we need broader participation in government not less. The answer is more democracy. We need to elect a governor who actually wants to work with us to solve our shared challenges.

Mike McCabe gives us that opportunity. To date, he has traveled 40,000 miles to listen to the concerns and stories of the people of Wisconsin. As the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, he exposed the big money that crushes participation in democracy. McCabe was part of the formation of the Government Accountability Board, the independent body riding herd on those who subvert the will of citizens.

I’ll vote for Mike McCabe in the Democratic Party primary on Aug. 14. I hope you will too because we all deserve good, open government of, by and for the people of the Badger State.

Tom Beebe, Fort Atkinson

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