Gov.. Walker’s budget is a disgrace. He’s selling out Wisconsin for his Presidential ambitions. Attacking our University System, dismantling public schools, cutting recycling programs, underfunding infrastructure and slashing public services all have negative long-term impacts.

The people of Wisconsin aren’t asking for these changes; we’ve made it clear through letters, phone calls, and actions that we don’t support this budget. If we don’t want these changes, who does? The answer: corporate lobbyists and campaign donors, who are getting sweetheart deals while our state struggles financially. This budget is all about who has the most political influence behind closed doors, who has the money and who writes the fattest campaign checks.

Scott Walker didn’t think about the well being of Wisconsin when he constructed this budget. He dreamed about primary voters in Iowa, donors in Las Vegas, and private plane rides to the Koch Brothers estates. Make no mistake: Wisconsin citizens will suffer because Scott Walker has used our budget as a callous political tool to advance his political career and own self-interest. 

Kevin Gundlach

President, South Central Federation of Labor

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