Mark Pocan is my congressman, and I have a problem with his hypocrisy about American workers.

He is on record as opposing President Obama's Trans Pacific Partnership because he rightly notes that too many trade deals in the recent past have hurt American workers, but last year he was a cosponsor of a House bill that would have doubled legal immigration to 2 million people and given work permits to 11 million illegal aliens. He also has remained silent on the issue of allowing 7 million illegal aliens to keep their non-farming payroll jobs while 15 million Americans are unable to find full-time work.

So when he talks about focusing on “pocketbook issues," is Mr. Pocan giving any consideration to the millions of Americans who go to bed each night wondering what has happened to their search for a better life while the federal government continues to act as though the only people entitled to pursue the American Dream are the foreign-born?  Is he concerned about companies laying off American workers and replacing them with foreigners?

Dave Gorak,

LaValle, Wisc.

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