Village board should reconsider ordinance amendment

On April 12, 2018, the village of Windsor Plan Commission addressed an Amendment to Ordinance Chapter 52, Article III: General Provisions, Regulations and Standards and Chapter 52, Article IV, Administration and Enforcement and Procedures – Regarding Parking and Storage of Vehicles and Equipment.

The village is revising the current ordinance reacting to five verbal complaints relating primarily to off-street parking and storage of vehicles and equipment. The main targets appear to be larger camper RVs but also names trailers, commercial vehicles and even storage of passenger vehicles.

I’ll begin by saying I am a very content village of Windsor resident and very much appreciate our area and hardworking village government representatives who I believe are well intended with this revision. While I agree that the current ordinance needs updating and clarification, I feel the proposed revisions are so inclusive and restrictive that they would instantly put many residents in violation and cause a virtual nightmare for the people trying to enforce the ordinance. While this is said to be only a “complaint driven rule,” it does allow up to a $500 per day fine.

This revised ordinance not only disallows camper RVs over 22 feet long to be parked over 48 hours for most situations, it also regulates ATV/snowmobile trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers, etc. from being parked in front of any village residence on lots of less than 2 acres in certain residential districts (as defined in the proposed ordinance).

I invite anyone to simply drive around any of the older Windsor subdivisions, which did not have many of the newer HOA regulations, and look for yourself. How many residents would be in violation? These residents should think very seriously about attending the May 3 village of Windsor board meeting to voice their opinions. While I’m totally in favor of cleaning up our neighborhood and eliminating the junk sitting in front of many residential properties, I feel this is heading in the wrong direction.

Finally, I’m writing this and own a camper RV and snowmobile trailer but I have them both parked inside a garage so I’m not personally affected by this ordinance but feel that the village board should reconsider the restrictive ordinance passed by the plan commission.

Leo Schneider,


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