Vote for Burns

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your informative article (12/28/17) by on Tim Burns's candidacy for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. I heartily endorse Mr. Burns for the position. He is progressive in his frame of mind. As an attorney, he has served clients for many years in several states and foreign countries.  Mr. Burns has chaired the ABA's Fair and Impartial Courts Committee and is a member of the American Constitutional Society.

Mr. Burns is endorsed by our Congressman Mark Pocan, who says of Tim, "Our courts help shape our economy and political system, and Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court Justice who will bring change to our state’s highest court. He will fight to ensure our courts work for all Wisconsinites, regardless of race or income level and he will not just be another rubber stamp for Scott Walker’s agenda."

Tim Burns believes that much damage has been done in the last few years by state government and the current Wisconsin Supreme Court dominated by big business interests. According to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Mr. Burns believes the Supreme Court should protect individual rights. He is particularly interested in protecting the right to vote, the right to organize, the right to live in an unpolluted environment, and the rights of small business owners and family farmers “to compete on a level playing field with the Foxconns of the world.”  

According to his website, Tim Burns believes that fair courts are essential to equal opportunity for all, not slanted for the well-connected. Again, to quote Mark Pocan, "As a Justice, Tim Burns will be a champion of progressive values." I agree with our Congressional representative. I urge you to vote for Tim Burns for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.


John Scepanski, DeForest

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Eric Sider

John, Why don't "Progressives" really call themselves Socialists? What are they afraid of?

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