Action matters

Lately I have had some time on my hands and for something to do I have been reading the DeForest Village Board meeting minutes. I must say the village staff does an excellent job in their documentation of our public meetings.

However, I do find it concerning the actions of some of the elected officials is quite frankly embarrassing. One in particular seems bent on pushing (forcing?) through a resolution declaring the village to be an open friendly place to live.... Seems fine on the surface, but in the next paragraph it lists the dozens of people found to be acceptable. What if someone isn't on the list? I didn't see grumpy old man... Does this mean I need to move?

Further, when the resolution was discussed by the other trustees to try and fix the obvious hypocrisy in the resolution, the trustee that started motion threw a contrived temper tantrum and stalked out of the room. She announced that she wanted to pass something like this because the school did. Are we lemmings? The school had a process they followed that was inclusive of the community needs by talking to any that wished to participate. Democracy in action.

The village trustee pushing this resolution only wants to impress people through words not action. Action is what matters though to effect change. This trustee is up for re-election this spring. You may want to consider a change.

Edward Allis, DeForest

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Eric Sider

Ed, you said it perfectly.

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