Fort HealthCare is pleased to announce the establishment of the Fort HealthCare Improving Diabetes Care for Healthier Communities program, which will strengthen the delivery and quality of health care services and improve health outcomes of individuals diagnosed with diabetes in Jefferson County.

This program is made possible by the recent grant the Health Resources Services Administration awarded to Fort HealthCare through its Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program. This $600,000, three-year grant will enable Fort HealthCare to better serve patients with diabetes in the area, bridging gaps in the system to ensure residents receive high-quality diabetes care while also improving chronic disease management at both the individual and system level.

“The awarding of this grant will have a significant impact for the patients with diabetes that we care for in our community,” said Mike Wallace, President and CEO of Fort HealthCare. “We are pleased to receive this federal grant as it affirms our pathway for treating diabetes and moves us closer to fulfilling our mission to improve the health and well-being of our community.”

Chris Barron, Executive Director of Population Health and Clinical Services said, “This award will help Fort HealthCare deliver on the promise of population health, that being, a multi-faceted approach to addressing health and health factors can improve health outcomes and drive down overall healthcare costs.”

“Fort HealthCare’s project will promote the delivery of cost-effective, coordinated health services to help improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients with diabetes,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. “I was pleased to support their application for this grant to raise awareness and enhance diabetes treatment and prevention in Jefferson County.”

With this new partnership with HRSA, Fort HealthCare is taking an important step toward improving access to care and reducing the burden on diabetes patients living in Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. FHC will build on its foundation of proven excellence with quality care and advanced technology capabilities to further improve diabetes management for patients of Jefferson County. The overarching objectives are to promote the delivery of cost-effective, coordinated health care services to improve clinical outcomes, patients’ engagement and self-management, health outcomes, and quality of life.

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