All veterans deserve respect

Dear Editor,

All veterans deserve our thanks and respect for there service, state Senator Scott Fitzgerald among them. I do however have to take issue with the picture he painted of our federal Government, not Wisconsin, being responsible for some of the woeful treatment of vets. Under Fitzgerald’s watch Wisconsin has passed a law to prohibit vets from recovering damages for asbestos related injuries while serving our country. The head of a veterans charity, for widows and children was convicted of embezzling funds. Wisconsin has approximately 500 homeless veterans and according to Feeding America and Second Harvest, many are hungry.

I wonder if Fitzgerald will let homeless vets vote. Nationally the suicide rate for vets is double the general population. Wisconsin’s rate is similar but with a much larger percent inflicted by firearms. Vets have a higher unemployment rate and there are 1,500 incarcerated vets in Wisconsin. While Fitzgerald says he’s proud of how Wisconsin takes care of its vets, the big picture is that so much more needs to be done.

Not sure what picture Fitzgerald wanted us to see during the special legislative session on gun violence. He gaveled in and out in 30 seconds, would not even discuss a major issue. Did he want us to see that because the gerrymandered Republicans own our Senate the governor can not go to the bathroom with out his permission, or that he knows what’s better for Wisconsinites regardless of public opinion? He does this with other issues as well. Maybe he wanted us to see that avoiding controversial issues has kept him office for 25 years and might help get him elected to congress.

Tom Palzewicz, running for the 5th congressional seat, is also a veteran. Six years as a Navy electrician. He understands that no matter how well we treat our veterans, more can be done to help all of them. Tom understands that the job of an elected official is to respond to the wishes of the public not your personal views. Unlike Fitzgerald, Palzewicz is not so self serving as to pat himself on the back before the job is done, because the job is never done.

Mark Schneck


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