Dear Editor,

As a business owner I am dismayed over the Republican leadership in the state Assembly and Senate‘s refusal to accept the Federal Medicaid expansion funds. Their reasoning is both morally and fiscally wrong. Accepting Medicaid expansion funding is directly linked to increasing state funding for other areas such as education, roads and the environment.

These funds are from tax funds that we the taxpayers have diligently paid. It is our money. Shouldn’t it be used to help Wisconsin residents? Senator Fitzgerald has said we shouldn’t accept the funds because we have a national deficit. Does this mean Wisconsin will no longer accept federal funds for things like roads?

Forbes magazine recently published an article with research data from the University of Pennsylvania that shows a “significantly smaller increase” in cardiovascular mortality rates in counties located in states that expanded Medicaid compared with counties in states that didn’t expand such benefits under the ACA.

While millions of people have gained coverage through the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, Wisconsin’s decision to not implement the expansion leaves many of our most vulnerable citizens without an affordable coverage option.

I also find it incredibly hypocritical for the Party that continually talks of being “Pro Life” to ignore the research that has proven that infant mortality rates dropped in states that accepted Medicaid expansion funds and rose in non expansion states.

Please contact Senator Fitzgerald and Rep. Dittrich and voice your concerns.

Steve Schulz


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