Daybreak Foods will put up its over-the-road feed conveyor after a unanimous vote by the Lake Mills Town Board Tuesday.

Daybreak will pay the town $250,000 for the privilege within five days of the signed agreement, said Rick Roedl, capital projects manager at Daybreak Foods.

Since the last meeting of the Town Board Sept. 19, Daybreak added language to the resolutionthat would make the Town not responsible for reimbursement to Daybreak for the $250,000, if the state or another entity requires the conveyor be taken down. If the Town Board would demand the conveyor comes down it would have 180 days to pay Daybreak back the funds.

“We are paying for the privilege and we realize that,” Roedl said. “We think this is very fair.”

The Town of Lake Mills will also be held harmless for all liabilities associated with the conveyor.

The compensation for the road will be placed into the general fund of the town.

In relation to the fan noise at the new site Roedl said the acoustical engineers have met with the construction team and are working to implement a plan.

“We are doing a section toward the back and it will be our test spot and that will be tested as soon as that goes in, in the next two to four weeks.”

They’ve just started to order the materials for the solution, acoustical insulation and special steel.

“We are very cautious moving forward with what we are doing on the current layer site and as we start up those houses and put more birds in. There is a lot of design into the facility that can mitigate dust and sound. What we found is when those poultry buildings were being started up there were opportunities to close overhead doors that just has never been done.”

With colder temperatures there will be less fans running Roedl said, which will give neighbors some relief from the noise.

“We are looking at other areas that may cause noise in the facility,” he said to be proactive.

Currently Daybreak has two of the new layer houses and three of the pullet houses populated. They will be starting to populate the next layer house next week.

“We will be at 1 million layers at that point. It’s half of the facility,” Roedl said.

Daybreak, located on Crossman Road, set out to expand and modernize its facility in early 2018 to 2.75 million chickens. The purpose of the expansion is for the company to go cage free. The facility in the Town of Lake Mills is also one of the oldest in the United States and representatives for the company have said they hope to address the odor issues at the site by completing the project.

Daybreak Foods Inc. is based in Lake Mills, but also has production facilities in Graettinger and Eagle Grove, Iowa, and Marysville, Ohio.

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